Pearl Badminton CLUB

20100228 Badminton England Cup 2009/10 Round 1, Tie 1

Pearl BC Away to Comets

Team: Olga, Lisa, Amanda, Hannah, Kevin, Neil, Nick James

The singles games were shared, with Olga comfortably winning in two end and Kevin losing in two close ends.

The ladies doubles were also shared, with Lisa and Amanda winning in two ends, but Olga and Hannah found their opposition to be very strong and were unable to take a game.

Pearl BC had more success in the mens doubles. Neil and James needed three ends to secure their win and showed dominance in the 3rd end. Kevin and Nick also needed three ends to secure their win, with the 3rd end being very close all the way through.

So with the score 4 - 2 going into the mixed, Pearl BC knew they needed 1 out of the 3 to win the match.

With all the mixed games going on court at the same time, it was becoming apparent to Olga and Kevin that the opposition would be too tough to overcome for the first two pairs of Hannah and Neil and Amanda and Nick.

Lisa and James had a good start and won their first end. Things didn’t go quite as well in the second end and they lost it meaning that the match score was 4 - 4, with the final rubber at 1 -1. The third end was very tense for all players and supporters, but Lisa and James put up an excellent battle and held their nerve to overcome the opposition to the rapturous cheers of the rest of the team!

Final score 5 - 4 to Pearl BC