Pearl Badminton CLUB

20100917 Pre-Season Singles

13 brave souls took to the courts hoping to be crowned Pearl BC Singles Champion.

The players were divided into 3 round robin groups and battle commenced.

Group 1 consisting of Anita, Maung Maung, Mohammed and Andy K was the closest fought with 3 players winning 2 of their games.

Maung beat Andy, Andy beat Mohammed and Mohammed beat Maung!

Group 2 consisting of Ant, Jon, Ryal, Matt and Clinton was also very close.

Matt & Clinton had both won 3 games going into their match which Clinton won 21:20

Group 3 consisting of Paul, Sunny, James and Kevin produced some close games with Kevin topping the group and Paul finishing runner-up.

The top 8 players from the groups progressed through to the Quarter-Finals as follow:

Andy v Ant: Andy proved too strong winning 21:15

Kevin v Matt: Matt had no time to rest after his epic v Clinton and this helped Kevin run ahead to win 21:11

Maung v Clinton: Youth had the advantage over experience here with Clinton winning

Mohammed v Paul: Experience did triumph, Mohammed 21:12

Into the semi-finals and we had 2 twenty somethings v 2 forty somethings:

Andy v Kevin: Kevin took full advantage of Andy's feeling gippy to sneak through to the final 21:12

Clinton v Mohammed: Clinton stayed level with Mohammed until half way before Mohammed found his length and stormed through to win

Hence the last 2 standing were Kevin & Mohammed, with 9 county singles titles between them it was anyones to win.

Kevin shot off to an early 6:1 lead, Mohammed put in a big charge to pull it back to 11:10 before Kevin capitalised on an uncharacteristic run of poor net shots from Mohammed to take the title 21:16.

Everyone enjoyed an opportunity to run around the singles court for a change and we hope to have another tournament during the season.