Pearl Badminton CLUB

20150415 Battle Badminton

I would like to form a doubles badminton league to run between May and September.

It will be open to doubles pairs and will be played once a month on a Monday night at PearlBC's venue on Lynchwood in Peterborough.

All the pairs that enter will be put into initial divisions.

On each of these "Battle Nights" the pairings will play all the other pairs in their division.

The top pair will be promoted and the bottom pair demoted after each Battle Night.

If we have enough interest we could hold seperate Mens, Ladies and mixed doubles nights.

My proposal is that the men's Battle Night would be on the 2nd Monday of each month, so the dates would be:

     Monday 11th May, 8th June, 13th July, 10th August, 12th September

If we have enough interst for mixed and ladies, these will be on separate nights.

Cost will be just £3 per player per night.

Each pair will provide their own shuttles (either plastic or feather) and will alternate using their own or their opponents shuttles for each match.

If one of the players is unable to make a Battle Night any substitute player who has not played in another pairing can be used.

I think this will be a new fun and competitive badminton league which should also be fun to watch!

If you would like to join the Battle Nights please let me know: Player Names, Mobile and email contact details, which league you would like to enter (i.e. Mens, Ladies or Mixed).

Many thanks