Player of the Year


Pearl Badminton CLUB

After a close fought contest, the 20012/2013 player of the year award is jointly awarded to Dan Simpson and Andy Tipple.

Those who voted for Dan highlighted his great support of club nights, improvement over the past year, impressive performances in both mens 1 and mens 2 teams and his friendliness and great sportsmanship.

Those voting for Andy gighlighted his high playing standard, support for the club, excellent captaingin of mens 1 team, coming back strongly from injury and being a very supportive doubles partner.

Previous Winners

2010/2011 Dave Colman

2009/2010 Tom Li

2008/2009 Matt Price

2007/2008 Clinton Croson

2006/2007 Not Presented

2005/2006 Andy Tang

2004/2005 Stuart Campbell

2003/2004 John Sherwood

2002/2003 Peter Williams

2001/2002 David Leary

2000/2001 Steve Russell

1999/2000 Liz Harris

1998/1999 Neil Turner

1997/1998 Jason Brown

1996/1997 Janice Pearson

1995/1996 Liz Harris

1994/1995 John Sherwood

1993/1994 Kevin Barron

1992/1993 Drew Benson & Liz Harris